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A pattern machine needs to pay attention to those problems
From: Guangfu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-04-03

Problems to be paid attention to
(1) the reasonable working environment of computer sewing equipment, first of all, do not install equipment in a place with strong power sound or high frequency welding. The sound of powerful power will affect the equipment or the equipment can not work properly.
(2) the indoor temperature of the workshop should be between 5 and 35 degrees. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
(3) moisture will cause short circuit in the machine, and relative humidity should be maintained at 45% ~ 85%.
(4) dust is easy to corrode circuit boards, so the equipment must be kept clean and the workshop must be kept clean.
(5) a regulated power supply (Power Supply Bureau or voltage stabilizer) should be used, and the power needed for the equipment must be grounded. It is strictly forbidden to take a fire line on the three-phase four line fire line of 380V, and then take a zero line as a power supply for 220V, as the power line of computer sewing equipment, which often causes accidents of equipment accidents or dead machines (mainly caused by overvoltage or low). The maintenance staff often do not pay attention to this, and try to adjust the equipment, resulting in a lot of unnecessary trouble, in fact, only the stable power supply, the equipment immediately resumed normal.
(6) any computer sewing equipment should not exceed + 10% under the rated voltage of the power supply bureau. Too large or insufficient will affect the normal operation of the equipment, but the power supply should be greater than the power consumption required by the sewing machine.
(7) the machine should avoid direct exposure to the sun in the outdoors. The temperature generated by the light on the head is easy to burn out the display, and the light on the rack is easy to burn down the chip inside the host, causing a major accident, so the sun can be directly exposed to the workshop and the decoration doors and curtains.
(8) lightning should turn off the power supply, because lightning will directly affect the normal operation of the device.

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