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The technology and efficiency of computer pattern machine is prominent and widely applied
From: Guangfu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-04-03

The series of computer pattern machines and thick sewing machines have been widely used in the difficult links in the production of bags, handbags, magic stickers, trademarks, stationery, clothing, leather goods, furniture, shoes, safety belts, strap, rope making and other products. Compared with the ordinary sewing machine, the advantage of the computer pattern machine is that the automatic and intelligent computer pattern machine can automatically set the sewing work according to the changes of the conditions in the sewing process and automatically set after the detection and feedback. Such as: laser or infrared film positioning, automatic stitching, automatic adjustment of seam tension of thick and thin seam, automatic transmission, automatic torque change, automatic cutting line, automatic needle filling, automatic lifting foot, human-machine dialogue user programming, sewing process actual tracking and so on. Two, can complete the ordinary sewing machine can not complete a number of functional examples: automatic stop needle position, automatic stitching technology, automatic reinforcement seam, automatic stitch embroidery, automatic color change line, slow start, mirror image transformation, pattern scaling, pattern rotation, also set up seam origin, functional display and other functions. Three, the expansion of the application of the sewing machine computer graphics machine can make it difficult to use a common sewing machine to simplify the work, can use a machine to complete a number of processes. Four. To reduce the application of mechanical parts, computer cars have been controlled by computer. They need to be replaced by motor to reduce a large number of mechanical parts. The movement and the structure are simplified.

The main sales of new and old SHENGXINFU (Sheng Xinfu), JIN FUDA (Jin Fuda), MITSUBISHI (MITSUBISHI), JUKI (Zu Qi), BROTHER (brother) and other well-known brands of computer needle car. This machine widely applies to handbags, silver bags, bags and suitcases, sports shoes, travel products, garment denim, mobile phone sets, belt sewing, etc. At the same time, wholesale, retail, original, Taiwan and other kinds of computer sewing machine accessories. The needle car sold is door-to-door technology guidance, warranty and life-long maintenance. Adhering to the management concept of "development and service", paying attention to the future development, having the skilled service team, through the rapid service, such as remote support, on-site maintenance, training and so on,
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