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The principle of sensor for computer graphics machine
From: Guangfu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-04-11

The circuit principle of the broken line control sensor of a computer pattern machine is made up of the sensor 2. The top cover 3 is equipped with two suture tension additional regulator 4 and a photodiode with a lead line 8 on the top cover. It is insulated from a rubber bushing and a metal top cover. There are sensors in the area between the line clamp 5 and the face line 4, that is, the disc 1 with radial grooves, which is mounted on the shaft of the line 6. The 5 sides of the surface line are on the over line wheel, and the two sides of the disc 1 are incandescent lamps 10 and photodiodes.
When the computer pattern machine is connected to the power supply, the surface line is rotated along the line with the disc 1 at the same time. The trip from the light source into intermittently photodiode light, photodiode and the pulses into electrical impulses. The electrical pulse enters the base of the control circuit, and the T1 is cut off when the photodiode is covered. Here is the negative bias into the T3, and the T3 is on. T2 is conductive due to the adaptation of resistance value, and T4 is cut off because of the positive bias of T2. When the photodiode is D, the TI will turn on, the T3 will stop, the T2 will turn off and the T4 will turn on. The circuit of T3 and T4 collector is connected to the coil of magnetic relay P1 and P2. The coil current is parallel to the capacitor C1 and C2. When T3 and T4 are connected, the current in P1 and P2 coils is enough to make P1 and P2 work. If the computer is running, and the displacement of the stitches (consumption lines), that is, the rotation of the disc and the electronic signal of a certain frequency, then the T3 and T4 are in turn. Due to the parallel capacitance of CI and C2, P1 and P2 are not available for power failure, so they are always in the state of access. When disconnecting, the disc rotating by sewing is stopped in one of two positions. The photodiode is shaded or illuminated. Therefore, T3 or T4 cut-off PI or P2 is cut off, and at the same time, there is no current in series or P1 or P2 in the contactor execution circuit. So the sensor can according to suture displacement detection of keyhole, button and other semi automatic sewing machine is broken. The circuit principle of the sensor is consistent with pulse frequency standard. When the surface line is broken, the pulse transmission stops, and when the bottom line is broken or used, the control circuit sends out stop instructions because of the decrease of the surface line consumption and the decrease of the pulse duration.

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