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Precautions for the use of a computer needle car
From: Guangfu automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-04-11

Clean the computer needle car before using the computer needle. Clean the dust accumulated in the transportation. Confirm whether the set voltage is correct and whether the power plug is correctly inserted. In addition, when the power supply is different, please do not start the computer needle car by the red power switch. .
We should pay attention to the following points when the computerized sewing machine is running.
1, in order to prevent accidents, turn on the power supply and run the computers, please don't place your fingers near the machine needles.
2. In order to prevent the accident of being involved in the machine, do not close the finger, hair, and clothes close to the pulley, V belt, motor, and do not put things on the machine.
3, in order to prevent personal accidents, please don't put your fingers in the picking rod's outer cover when the computer is running.
4, in order to prevent personal accidents, please do not operate the computerized sewing machine in the condition of unloading belt guards, finger protectors and other safety devices.
5, in order to prevent accidents caused by sudden start, or to bring down the needle car, or to remove the belt cover and the V belt, please turn off the power.
6, in order to prevent personal accidents and to bring down the cart or return to the original location, be careful not to grip your hands.
7, please do not wipe the head surface with paint thinner.
8, in the operation of the computerized sewing machine, the swivel shuttle is spinning at high speed. In order to prevent the hand from being hurt and running, please don't put your hand near the spinning shuttle.

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